Local multiplayer title with chicks and straw and farmers and all that cool stuff. Grab a buddy and a beer and try to catch all chicks.

If you have no beer because you sit in a classroom and are bored, grab only a buddy and go on. But turn the soudn off ;)

One Player plays the farmer. He moves with WASD and grabs/throws chickens with SPACE. His goal is to throw the chickens over the fence to his own chickens on his side.

The other player has the mouse. He spawns obstacles and enemies to make it harder for the first player to collect the chickens. First select an object from the bottom bar, than spawn it on the play field.

After 30sec the roles change.

Whoever collected all the chickens on his side first wins the game.

Everything else becomes clear after a few rounds. I don't want to take the chance from you to discover it on yourself.

This game was created for the VimJam in about 20h. Gamelogic, art and sounds have been made in that time.

During the jam I got so much amazing feedback, that I decided to continue working at this game. So from time to time I will release a new version, with less bugs and more features.

If you have questions or feedback, just comment. I will respond as fast as possible.


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All I know is, I enjoyed throwing the chickens from place to place lmao. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing otherwise.

edit: I now see this is a 2-player game.

Yeah one player has to throw the chickens into the other space and the other has mouse controls to build up traps and spawn enemies. After 30sec the roles change. Who first got all chickens on his side wins the game

Hey took a play solo just to see what it's like. Hard to tell the balance without a second person but it's a neat concept. I will say the Tutorial goes really fast and isn't super clear. I had to watch it several times to get a grasp of the game. But cool idea nonetheless, hope some people get to play it with others! Rated.

Please consider checking out my submission if you get a chance: https://talfuin.itch.io/the-hungry-ghost

For sure I will play your game too.
The tuorial seems to bee a problem. I planned to make an interactive tutorial, but ran out of time. If I continue to work on that game, this will be one of the first points to improve.